The Mountain Music Festival

Missing 80s rock-and-roll? Experience a blast from the past at The Mountain Music Festival, where time stops for three nights of leg warmers, big hair, and classic rock that rules. The festival organisers say:   “HARD ROCK IS BACK! Join your fellow music enthusiasts at The Gatlinburg Convention Center in Gatlinburg, TN for three days […] » read more

Love Burn

An annual beachfront tribute to Burning Man, this gathering is a camping experience that encourages immersive dance and arts performances. It’s a volunteer-run event with emphasis on psychedelic interaction and connection. Each year is a different theme. The gathering organisers say: “The Love Burn is an annual beachfront camping event developed by Burners for Burners […] » read more


Give, receive, gift, love, and connect at PortalBurn, a New York tribute to Burning Man. No vendors—only friends and like-minded folks, gathering to dance, live, explore, and celebrate. Music, artistic performances, and nature await! The festival organisers say: “POrtalBurn is a sanctioned regional Burning Man event in New York State, guided by the Ten Principles […] » read more


Practice yoga, invoke the power of Mother Nature, and learn how to love yourself while connecting to others at BlessFest. Feel the universe’s blessings, then share, dance, connect, and learn with other attendees seeking love, life, and enlightenment. The festival organisers say: “BlessFest is a gathering for all lovers of the earth and of the […] » read more

Peace Village Festival

Take a relaxing weekend for the tranquility and serenity of the Peace Village Festival, a heart-expansive experience that resonates with music, nature, and arts lovers. Rejuvenate, refresh, and relax at this family-friendly event! The festival organisers say: “The music and magic of Peace Village Festival is back again for 2024! After a successful rebirthed and […] » read more

Grateful Festival

Find peace, love, and tributes to the Grateful Dead at the Grateful Festival. Featuring twelve bands across two stages, it’s a mash-up of Jerry Garcia classics, rainbow tie-dye, and hippie-living vendors galore. The festival organisers say: “Once again we will have two stages but with more breaks throughout the day so you can get food […] » read more

Green River Festival

One of the most family-friendly fests ever, Green River Festival is as much about art and expression as it is about music and dance. Transform recycled materials into masterpieces, listen to folk stories told by whimsical local historians, and watch performers bring back magic with old-school tricks to inspire an audience of all ages. The […] » read more

Desert Daze

An eco-friendly festival of dance, one love, and celebration of life, Desert Daze is a collision of cutting-edge music, immersive art installations, and the beauty of nature. The nights are alive with music and art! The festival organisers say: “In addition to music, Desert Daze emphasizes visual art, interactive installations, and multimedia experiences. These elements […] » read more

To Be Announced – Forecastle Festival

Have you ever been to a festival that explore themes of community, connectivity, and nature through music? The Forecastle Festival is a jam fest with dancing and singing and ecstatic energies, but it’s also a place of workshops and wellness, where you can work on connection of mind, body, and spirit through music, interaction, and […] » read more

Shaky Knees Music Festival

Feel the bump of the bass from your classic and new favorite bands at the Shaky Knees Music Festival, a tribute to rock-and-roll through the ages. Old-school and new-school collide in a sweat-slicked, hands-in-the-air audience that rocks well into the wee hours. The festival organisers say: “With more than 60 bands each year Shaky Knees […] » read more