Small alternative festivals in North America. If you know of a great event anywhere in Canada, the US, Mexico or anywhere south of there, let us know!    

Festivals in 2020


The BPM Festival

15-19 January 2020 | Tamarindo, Costa Rica

The BPM Festival is a world-renowned event, which showcases the biggest and best artists, labels and party brands in the world. Celebrate in paradise with the best in techno and house music. The festi ...

Rubber Tramp Rendezvous

18-27 January 2020 | Parker, Arizona, USA

The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous is an annual gathering hosted by the Homes on Wheels Alliance. The event welcomes thousands of homes on wheels owners to a unique camp-out at the La Paz County Fairground i ...


Envision Festival

17-24 February 2020 | Uvita, Costa Rica

Envision is ‘the original jungle festival’. The annual event welcomes local and international visitors into a week-long celebration of music, art, yoga, workshops and surfing in the Costa Rican ju ...


Rivercane Rendezvous

20-26 April 2020 | Westminster, South Carolina, USA

Rivercane Rendezvous is a 7-day immersive, earth-skills camp in Westminster, South Carolina. The event is centred around teaching basic primal survival skills. The event is Earthskills’ annual Sprin ...


Joshua Tree Music Festival

15-18 May 2020 | Joshua Tree, California, USA

Joshua Tree Music Festival is a biannual music festival that takes place in the Mojave desert in California. The 4-day festival showcases continuous live music, as well as yoga, kids activities, art d ...

West Coast Circus Camp

15-18 May 2020 | Sooke, Canada

West Coast Circus Camp is an annual circus retreat on the breathtaking Vancouver Island in Canada. The event features a wide variety of circus arts from acrobatics to clowns, juggling, yoga and more. ...

Okanogan Family Faire

16 May 2020-1 January 1970 | Tonasket, Washington, USA

The Okanogan Family Faire is an annual event created to connect the community. The event attracts a wide variety of vendors, musicians, artists and crafts from local and surrounding communities.  The ...

Lightning In A Bottle

20-25 May 2020 | Bakersfield, California, USA

Lightning In A Bottle is an annual camping festival centred around six guiding principles; celebrate life, create community, respect yourself and one another, actively participate, honor the land and ...

Northwest Folklife

22-25 May 2020 | Seattle, Washington, USA

Northwest Folklife is an annual festival that takes place over Memorial Day Weekend. The event celebrates arts, culture and diversity in the Northwest. The festival organisers say: “Northwest Folkli ...

Oregon Tantra Festival

30 May-12 June 2020 | Portland, Oregon, USA

Oregon Tantra Festival is a 4-day retreat in Portland, Oregon. The event features a variety of workshops focusing on tantric arts, communication, personal and spiritual development and more.  https:/ ...



11-14 June 2020 | Manchester, Tennessee, USA

Bonnaroo is an annual music and arts festival that takes place in Manchester, Tennessee. Dubbed ‘the most positive place on the planet’, the camping event welcomes thousands of local and internati ...


11-14 June 2020 | Calaveras County, California, USA

FireDrums is an annual event that brings together the fire and flow community. The gathering features 4 days and 3 nights of world-class workshops, music, shows, performances and more. The festival or ...

Tri Flow Fest

12-14 June 2020 | Quebec, Canada

Tri Flow Fest is an annual flow festival that takes place in Quebec. The award winning event takes place over 3 days and features 75 workshops specialising in flow arts, aerial arts, performing arts, ...

Solstice Gathering

15-21 June 2020 | Ontario, Canada

Solstice Gathering is an annual, membership-based gathering that welcomes thousands of members to a unique camping event in the forest of southern Ontario. Members of the Solstice Collective celebrate ...

Sonic Bloom

18-21 June 2020 | Colorado, USA

Sonic Bloom is an annual 4-day camping festival at Hummingbird Ranch, Colorado. The festival features electronic music, art, dance, human performances and more for an interactive weekend for all. The ...

Contact Improvisation Festival

19-28 June 2020 | British Columbia, Canada

Contact Improvisation Festival is an annual gathering and dance festival on Salt Spring Island, Canada. The 10-day event features a wide variety of dance and performance classes, shows and workshops. ...

The Groove Festival

19-21 June 2020 | Ontario, Canada

The Groove Festival is an annual event that celebrates yoga, music and community. The three-day festival features a variety of international yoga teachers, guest lectures, indoor and outdoor fun and m ...

Romp Fest

24-27 June 2020 | Owensboro, Kentucky, USA

Romp Fest is an annual, 4-day festival featuring live music, camping, arts and kids activities. The event celebrates the roots and branches of Bluegrass. The festival organisers say: “A full line-up ...

Electric Forest

25-29 June 2020 | Rothbury, Michigan, USA

Electric Forest is an annual 4-day music festival that takes place in Sherwood Forest in Rothbury Michigan. Selling out each year, the festival is one of the most popular electronic music events in th ...

Telluride Yoga Festival

25-28 June 2020 | Telluride, Colorado, USA

The Telluride Yoga Festival is an annual event featuring yoga, meditation, music, hiking and more. The event welcomes world-renowned teachers and unique, intimate workshops across the 4-day event. The ...


Autonomous Mutant Festival

6-15 July 2020 | Washington / Oregon / California, USA

The Autonomous Mutant Festival is an annual gathering showcasing art, culture, DIY technologies and more. The event aims to promote a harmonious relationship with the earth and takes place in a new de ...

Camp Bisco

9-11 July 2020 | Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

Camp Bisco is the Northeast’s largest electronic-rock festival. The three-day camping event features more than 100 musical performances at the picturesque Montage Mountain. The festival organisers s ...

Oregon Country Fair

10-12 July 2020 | Veneta, Oregon, USA

The Oregon Country Fair is an experience unlike any other. The annual event creates a unique experience that nourishes the spirit and allows you to explore art and culture in a magical way. The festiv ...


24-27 July 2020 | Salmo, Canada

Shambhala is Canada’s premier electronic music festival. The annual event celebrates music, art and life in one of the most beautiful festival destinations in the world. The festival organisers say: ...

Reggae On The River

31 July-2 August 2020 | Garberville, California, USA

Reggae On The River is ‘the best reggae festival in the world’. The annual event takes place on the first weekend of August and showcases the best of reggae, dub, ska, rock and dancehall.  The fe ...


Farenheit Flow Arts Festival

6-9 August 2020 | Elkins, West Virginia, USA

Farenheit Flow Arts Festival is an annual fire dance retreat in West Virginia. The 4-day event features a variety of workshops throughout the day and showcases unique live fire performances at night. ...

National Hobo Convention

6-9 August 2020 | Britt, Iowa, USA

The National Hobo Convention is an annual event hosted by the Britt Hobo Days Association in Britt, Iowa. The century old tradition celebrates hobo culture with a family friendly event filled with ent ...

Beloved Festival

14-17 August 2020 | Marcola, Oregon, USA

Beloved Festival is an annual music, art and yoga festival in the forests of Oregon. The festival combines the best of music festivals with a spiritual awakening, and offers everything from music to a ...

Big Wu Family Reunion

14-15 August 2020 | East Bethel, Minnesota, USA

Big Wu Family Reunion is a family friendly festival in the heart of Minnesota, USA. Hosted by Rock and Roll band The Big Wu, the annual event features a weekend of music, camping and fellowship. The f ...

Heart Of Tantra Festival

14-16 August 2020 | Pemberton, Canada

The Heart Of Tantra Festival is an annual conscious gathering focused on the Tantric arts and approach to life. The event features world-class facilitators, sharing a variety of presentations, worksho ...

Cascadia Tantra Festival

19-23 August 2020 | Seattle, Washington, USA

Cascadia Tantra Festival is a 4-day retreat at the wooded retreat centre in Seattle. The event focuses on tantric arts, communication, personal and spiritual development, movement meditations, music a ...


Sat Nam Fest

2-6 September 2020 | Malibu Canyon, California, USA

Sat Nam Fest is the world’s premier Kundalini Yoga and Sacred Chant Music Festival. The annual event welcomes visitors to immerse themselves in the joy, transformation and rejuvenation of yoga. The ...

Descend On Bend

3-7 September 2020 | Bend, Oregon, USA

Descend On Bend is an annual van-life gathering that takes place in Bend, Oregon. The event takes place over Labor Day weekend each year and welcomes hundreds of visitors to a unique weekend of outdoo ...

California Tantra Festival

16-20 September 2020 | Tulare County, California, USA

California Tantra Festival is the largest tantra festival in the USA. The 4-day gathering features 5 rhythms, Kundalini yoga, Biodanza, morning meditation, live music and more.  The festival organise ...

Falling Leaves Rendezvous

21-27 September 2020 | Westminster, South Carolina, USA

Falling Leaves Rendezvous is an annual, 7-day immersive, earth-skills camp in South Carolina. The event aims to provide classes based around basic primitive skills. The festival is Earthskills’ annu ...

Bhakti Fest

23-28 September 2020 | Joshua Tree, California, USA

Bhakti Fest is an annual 4-day music festival in California. The event celebrates devotion through chanting, yoga, meditation and more. The festival organisers say: “Bhakti Fest celebrates the devot ...


Lucidity Festival

6-8 November 2020 | Santa Barbara, California, USA

Lucidity Festival is an annual transformational music and arts festival in Santa Barbara, California. The event is based around a number of core values; such as participation and immersion in the arti ...

Shakti Fest

19-23 November 2020 | Palm Springs, California, USA

Shakti Fest is a 5-day conscious yoga and music retreat in Palm Springs, California. The event combines everything you know and love about festivals into a unique and intimate retreat in the desert. T ...

Tantra Festival Mexico

27 November-1 December 2020 | Tepoztlan, Mexico

Tantra Festival Mexico is the first tantra festival in Latin America. The event celebrates love in a sacred land of ancient traditions with a variety of workshops, meditations, ceremonies, dance, conc ...

Festivals in 2021


Ocaso Festival

7-11 January 2021 | Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Ocaso Festival is an underground music festival in the heart of Costa Rica. Celebrate the best underground sounds, amazing views and good times at the country’s premier event. The festival organiser ...


Tribal Gathering

27 February-14 March 2021 | Colon, Panama

Tribal Gathering is an epic 16-day experience of a lifetime on the breathtaking cost of Panama. The festival features more than 300 international music acts, cabaret and circus shows, workshops and mo ...


Punk Rock Bowling

28-31 May 2021 | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Punk Rock Bowling is an annual celebration of punk rock music. Originating as a small Vegas getaway, Punk Rock Bowling has grown into the biggest and best punk rock and bowling party on the planet. Th ...


International Juggler’s Association Festival

12-18 July 2021 | El Paso, Texas, USA

The International Juggler’s Association Festival (IJA Festival) is an annual event that features a week of juggling workshops, shows, competitions and more. After more than half a century of events, ...

Eclipse Festival

22-26 July 2021 | Quebec, Canada

Eclipse Festival is an annual music and arts festival in Quebec Canada. The 5-day event transports visitors to a new parallel world filled with the biggest and best musical talent, workshops, conferen ...


Wasteland Weekend

22-26 September 2021 | Edwards, California, USA

Wasteland Weekend is the world’s largest post-apocalyptic festival. The annual 5-day, Mad Max style event features a week of live bands, combat performers, fire dancers, themed games, merchants and ...


Voodoo Festival

29-31 October 2021 | New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Voodoo Festival is a music and arts experience that takes place over halloween. The annual event offers an unforgettable experience, featuring more than 65 local and international musical talent, loca ...