Where is the next Rainbow Gathering in North America?

Rainbow Gatherings are not festivals.

They’re rather spontaneous gatherings like an ephemeral village in Nature with no formal organisers and no monetary exchange. People dance around the fire, cook together on wood fires, make acoustic music and generally have a good time as a family of many colours.

directions to the rainbow gathering

Some people believe the Rainbow Gatherings are the fruit of an ancient Hopi Indian prophecy as a new consciousness arrives on the Earth to show us a better way to live.

Others see Rainbows as a chance to be in nature for a month, make lots of music and meet some great people.

Rainbow Gatherings are something quite unique and no one returns from one quite the way they were before. They depend on all those present getting involved somehow and it’s often said ‘if you see a job – it’s yours!’

Lasting for a cycle of the moon, Rainbow Gatherings can be found across the world and here we’ll list some of the Gatherings to be found in Canada, the US, Central and maybe even South America in case your path takes you that way.

Here is a book about the Rainbow Gatherings in Europe with some chapters online.

Rainbow Gatherings in the US, Canada, Central and South America 2024

All we’re doing here is gathering rumours and information we find online – we make no promises for its accuracy! You might have to register on some of the forums to get access to the location info. We’ll update as often as we can!

So where is the next Rainbow Gathering in North America? Well it’s not so easy to come by information but we’ll add what we know as we know it…most of the info is shared via shared chat channels and Facebook groups so try to find a regional Rainbow group and ask there for more info…

Michigan Rainbow Gathering 13 – 19 May

Missouri Rainbow Gathering 5 – 19 May

Cumberland Rainbow Gathering 17 – 30 May in Kentucky

South West Rainbow Gathering 13 – 24 June

In the Tennessee/Georgia area.

National American Rainbow Gathering 1 – 7 July

Probably in California..

And here are some in South America 🙂

Brazilian Rainbow Gathering 5 June – 4 July

In the Brazilian Amazonian rainforest.

Rainbow of the Americas 4 August – 2 September

The consensus is to gather in Argentina.

Ecuadorian Rainbow Gathering 1 – 30 December

Argentinian Rainbow Gathering 26 February – 28 March 2025