To be confirmed: Forest Dance

Forest Dance is a 5-day healing and expressive arts retreat in Montes De Oro, Costa Rica. Described as ‘a rite of passage’, the annual ceremonial gathering features a wide variety of activities and workshops from Shamanic Journeying to Conscious Connected Breathing, Flower Essence Creation and many more. The festival organisers say: “Forestdance is a profound […] » read more

Zen Awakening Festival

Zen Awakening Festival is a life changing transformational, music and arts festival. The annual event features a range of celebrity DJs, jam bands, yoga, meditation, spiritual teachers, cirque performers and much more. The festival organisers say: “Zen Awakening Festival community is open to all seekers in search of spirituality, personal transformation, raising consciousness and selfless […] » read more

Festival Ometeotl

Festival Ometeotl is an annual transformational festival that takes place in Morelos, Mexico. The event is named after the Aztec gods Ometecuhtli and Omecihua and is centred around creating a positive and conscious celebration of music, spirit, earth and art. The festival organisers say: “Our events seek to unify different social circles, tribes and cultures, […] » read more

Desert Hearts Festival

Desert Hearts Festival is an annual boutique gathering focused on art, music and community. The event is rooted in house and techno music and celebrates the underground movement in a unique and intimate way. The festival organisers say: “Over the past 8 years, the Desert Hearts Family has found itself at the center of a […] » read more

Hanuman Festival

Hanuman Festival is an annual celebration of yoga and music in Boulder, Colorado. The event features world-class yoga instructors, mind-blowing music, inspirational experiences and more. The festival organisers say: “Be part of a powerful movement as we honor the practice of yoga and celebrate life. Open your heart and experience awakening, belonging and connection in […] » read more

To be confirmed: Unifier Festival

Unifier Festival is a transformational healing and expressive arts festival in Massachusetts. The annual event features a range of live DJs, Yoga, Belly Dancing, Live painting, Circus Arts, Organic Food, Workshops and much more. The festival organisers say: “Honoring and bringing together different sub-cultures this gathering is a world and sacred music festival, a yoga […] » read more

Fairy & Human Relations Congress

The Fairy & Human Relations Congress is an annual event dedicated to promoting communication and co-creation with nature spirits, devas and the faery realms. The event welcomes around 300 visitors each year and features Celtic faery teachers, animal and plant communicators, Native American storytellers and more. The festival organisers say: “This is a unique annual […] » read more

Bass Coast Festival

Bass Coast Festival is an annual electronic music and arts festival in British Columbia. The event has been crowned the Best Boutique Festival in North America and prides itself in being a unique and inclusive gathering. The festival organisers say: “Bass Coast Festival is a thoughtfully curated boutique music and art festival that takes place […] » read more

Northern Nights Music Festival

Northern Nights Music Festival is an annual celebration of music and arts in the Mendocino/Humboldt County in California. The three-day event features a collection of local and global arts and crafts, regional craft brews and wines, yoga, meditation and more. The festival organisers say: “Northern Nights Music Festival (NNMF) is a 3-day celebration of music, […] » read more

To be confirmed: The Evolve Festival

The Evolve Festival is an annual, multi-genre event, celebrating music, culture and social awareness in New Brunswick, Canada. The festival hosts a wide variety of workshops highlighting social issues from personal wellbeing to environmental awareness and more. The festival organisers say: “The Best Summer Festival In Canada. Period. From its start in 2000 as a […] » read more