Hippie Fest

Peace and love are still alive and well at Hippie Fest—a traveling festival where lifelong connections and friendships are formed in a weekend. Flower power and vendors galore, enjoy laughter, love, and nature with a touch of ‘60s bell-bottom nostalgia.

The festival organisers say:

“Hippie Fest is a family-run festival with a mission to create unifying experiences for people of all ages. We invite you to become part of our celebration of peace this year. Check out tour dates below and reserve tickets by clicking the festival date you wish to attend.

It’s groovy baby!

Hippie Fest features hundreds of vendors offering an endless array of bohemian goodies. We feature family-friendly entertainment for all ages! We are always looking for professional, top-notch performers.

Don’t miss the hippie car show at Hippie Fest! Do you own a vintage VW or other groovy ride? Sign up to participate! Tickets must be reserved in advance.”

Learn more about Hippie Fest.