Fairy & Human Relations Congress

The Fairy & Human Relations Congress is an annual event dedicated to promoting communication and co-creation with nature spirits, devas and the faery realms. The event welcomes around 300 visitors each year and features Celtic faery teachers, animal and plant communicators, Native American storytellers and more.

The festival organisers say:

“This is a unique annual gathering that brings together people on the pathways of  Findhorn, Faery Underworld, Celtic Faery Tradition, Shamanism, Wicca and witchery, Theosophy, folk magical practices, Flower Essences, Perelandra, herbalism and wildcrafting, Biodynamic Gardening, Plant Spirit Medicine, Geomancy, Earth Healing, Animal and Plant Communication, Faery Doctoring, Spiritual Permaculture, and Deep Ecology.”

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