Stilldream Festival

Stilldream Festival is a small gathering for believers of magic, mystery, and the power of nature in all its beauty and glory. Unleash your spirit and let the flowing freedom of dance move through you.

The festival organisers say:

“The lineup for Stilldream remains a mystery until showtime.

For over 24 years, Stilldream has been a launchpad for emerging talent. Our lineup remains a mystery until showtime, fostering anticipation and excitement. In response to the pandemic, we’ve shifted to a “Surprise and Delight” model, adding intrigue for all involved. We empower artists to promote themselves organically, enhancing engagement and anticipation. Upon entry, guests receive event schedules, heightening the surprise. Post-event, the lineup is featured in our website archive, honoring every artist alphabetically.

Join us in celebrating creativity and discovery at Stilldream, where the magic of the unknown awaits. Explore our legacy of talent and experience the thrill firsthand.”

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