Building (Wo)Man

Building (Wo)Man is a celebration of femininity rooted in nature. While all genders are welcome, the festival explores feminine energy through music, classes, performance arts, and dance. Move your body, free your mind, and feel the flow of the universe around you!

Festival organisers say:

“Building (Wo)Man is a sustainable living, arts, and music festival at the JenkStar Ranch in Green River, Utah.

We are in our 15th year and this event is held every year in the springtime and is powered entirely by solar and wind energy, featuring natural building structures and art installations built from reclaimed materials. Workshops are led by experts in the fields of sustainable living, Art, health and wellness, and more! Everyone is welcome to attend and contribute to the movement!

We are a collective of engineers and artists focused on developing creative solutions for pressing real-world problems. Our mission is to inspire change within our communities towards accessible and inexpensive sustainable living practices. Through art, education, up-cycling, and practical science, we seek to spark interest and foster competency around stewardship and responsible cohabitation with the natural world.

For two decades, the Jenkstars have been making art through repurposed material and cultivating community around solar-power and its multitude of uses. We are passionate about permaculture, renewable energy, responsible waste management, structural innovation, and making these things fun and artistically inspiring. Our figurative doors are open to all who want to learn, and we are excited to receive you!” 

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