Soulplay Festival

Soulplay Festival celebrates the vibrance of vitality and energy. Rejoice in being alive—this immersive festival features workshops, dance, music, and connection.

The festival organisers say:

“Whether this is your first time stepping into an experience like this or you’ve been walking the embodiment path for a while, SoulPlay meets you where you are.

The premier sober community in the US!

SoulPlay is an alcohol and substance-free community. It’s an opportunity to practice being present while connecting in the community.

SoulPlay strives to create a container through which we can all be fully expressed. The depth, joy, and playfulness we dream of are only realized if we are all included, welcomed, and celebrated. We continually work as an organization and a community to support this vision.

Tranquil and inspiring, the breathtaking surroundings make it an ideal place to connect and rejuvenate. With a creek and miles of walking trails with expansive views of the Mayacamas Mountains, you will be surrounded by nature around every turn. There is even a large pond that is perfect for paddle-board or boating activities. Fresh air, sunshine, and surrounding natural beauty provide SoulPlay Festival with an amazing playground.”

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